Black Cod

Format: Wild caught H&G – Headed and gutted or Fillets

Scientific Name: Anoplopoma fimbria

English Name: Blackcod

Available Sizes: 4/5, 5/7, Loins 140-160g

Origin: Alaska, USA

Packaging: IWP, 22.68 kg



With a meaty flavor and a rich, velvety texture, this fish is a true delicacy that has earned the nickname buttery fish. Sablefish is also known as “black cod” because of its cod-like appearance. Sablefish is only found in the North Pacific. It is a dark-skinned fish with pearl white flesh and a long body. Its high fat content makes it forgiving for novice cooks. It goes well grilled, smoked, fried, boiled, roasted or slow cooked.